Dakka Skanks

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Dakka Skanks Skamouth November 2018 poster




Dakka Skanks formed in mid-2016 with one goal in mind – rejuvinate British ska. They are a 5-piece ska/dub/reggae band based out of Brighton. The home of the Mod. Combining catchy choruses, up-tempo riffs and dubby breakdowns, they create a new hybrid blend to set their own stamp on a classic sound.
It all began when Henry and Clara met in university when she performed her rendition of the iconic ‘Ghost Town’. When he heard it, they immediately formed the beginnings of Dakka Skanks. They recruited members along the way until there were 5. Then the adventure begun.

Dakka Skanks have already played many of the Brighton hotspots including Concorde 2, The Prince Albert and Volks and now set their sights on Europe. They have performed at The Great Skinhead Reunion and Paddle Round The Pier, two of Brighton’s top festivals and now look to the mainland to see where the adventure takes them. Make sure you catch them at a show near you, you wont regret it!
In 2018, they are playing some iconic sets including here at Skamouth, the 2Tone Village and went on a UK & European tour in April.