Heroes are truly one of the very few bands that can capture the energy and attitude of New Wave and turn it into one hell of a good live show!

The band is based in south-east Kent and was formed in spring of 2001 by the three members – Tim Bradley – Guitar / backing vocal, Driss Hodson – Bass / Double Bass / lead vocal and Daren Leggatt – Drums / Backing vocal.

They decided to do a New Wave tribute as they all grew up listening to this type of music and shared a common interest in it weather it being the mod, ska, 2 tone, punk or even rockabilly side of the era / movement that was happening during the late 70s early 8o’s

Heroes gigs are always performed with the passion and energy that accompanied the music of this era.  They chose to cover the most popular bands of that period from 1977 – 1983, mainly The Jam, The Clash, The Specials, Madness, The Undertones, Billy Idol, The Police, The Sex Pistols etc. They also include the odd one hit wonder that time forgot such as Swords of 1000 men and Turning Japanese.

Since forming they have gained a substantial following and have played hundreds of high energy gigs around the UK including 70s and 80s weekenders at Butlins and Pontins and various scooter rallies and other large live music venues.

They try to dress accordingly to the style of music and tend to wear shirt, tie, tonic suits, jam shoes ( black/white ), and even a pork pie hat for the ska tunes to add an authentic look to the gig.

They have recorded 5 live cds, a live DVD which was filmed while we were headline act at a 70s weekender at Pontins, Brean Sands Somerset.

They currently have over 100 songs to choose from in our repertoire crossing the whole spectrum of New Wave so there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy and Heroes are guaranteed to take you back to your youth playing the soundtrack that captured a High School generation!