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The Jam were one of Britain’s most successful and important bands that emerged from the punk and new wave era.They brought a sound and a look to an army of fans who,to this day, hold a devoted and unparalleled loyalty and passion. In their five-year career, between 1977 and 1982, The Jam had 18 top 40 singles, including four No.1 hits. In 1982, their last studio LP, The Gift, went to the top of the album chart and A Town Called Malice and Beat Surrender were No.1 singles.

The Jam Project is a reminder and a celebration of the band at its best.Hit after hit, the band explode onto the stage, suited and with attention to detail of the early band, and blast out all your favourite raw energetic Jam songs.

Mick is our Paul – Jangly Rickenbacker tone with the angry vocal so typical of the bands early sound, Neil is our Bruce – Can’t quite jump like Mr Foxton but still pumps out those melodic punchy basslines so recognisable to all fans.