Judge Dread Memorial


So you thought Judge Dread was dead?…well,not in our hearts,and probably not in yours either. In 2011 the Early Reggae band “The Upsessions” met Flo at one of their shows in Austria.
After they had seen Flo’s marvellous imitation of Judge Dread the idea came up to pay tribute to the Judge.

From March 2012 the Judge Dread Memorial band have been playing on stages all over Europe to play Judge Dread’s biggest hits, from “Big Six” to “Big Eight” and from “When we were Skins” to “Ska Fever” Are you a big Judge Dread fan and do you want to sing along with all Judge Dread’s biggest hits

Now, exclusive to Skamouth, the Steadytones from Germany will back Flo with his tribute to Judge Dread