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Owen Gray

I am the Gorgon is a history of reggae by Jamaican Recordings featuring Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee and the roots of Reggae its a 85 min, documentary feature film released in 2014.

I AM THE GORGON tells the story of how Jamaican music spread from the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica to the furthest reaches of the globe. The principle focus is on the rise of legendary producer Bunny’Striker’ Lee, from car mechanic and record plugger to reggae’s most successful producer in the 1970s.

Bunny Lee was a prime agent for spreading reggae music internationally, carving out new markets in Britain and America, as he became the most prolific record producer on the planet. His journey involves politics, arguments, gangs and guns, and an amazing cast of musical talent in the extraordinary story of how an island of less than 3 million people spread its musical message around the world.

If MARLEY told the story of reggae from the top down, I AM THE GORGON tells it from the bottom up. Directed by musician and filmmaker Diggory Kenrick and narrated by Jamaican legend Dennis Alcapone, I AM THE GORGON gets closer than any other documentary to the lives of the artists and the runnings’ inside Jamaica’s studios. Shot extensively in Jamaica, as well as the UK and US, with an amazing cast of collaborators.

I AM THE GORGON features more legendary Jamaican artists than any previous film. Bunny ‘striker’ Lee produced his first recording in 1967. With the hits flowing immediately, he ushered in the transition from “rocksteady” to “reggae” and by the early 1970s was scoring international hits. Working with everyone from Bob Marley to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Bunny dominated the world of roots reggae in the mid-70s, dressed in his trademark sailor hat and known by his various nicknames:’Striker and ‘the Gorgon Through the life of one man, I AM THE GORGON tells the story of Jamaican music, from ska to rocksteady, from dub to dancehall, from the backstreets of Kingston to the concert halls of the world.

Princible contributors to the film are Bunny’Striker’ Lee, King Jammy, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Dennis Alcapone, U Roy, Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke, Ken Boothe, Sly and Robbie, John Holt and a host of the biggest names in reggae music a number of whom have appeared or will be appearing on the skamouth stage.