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Like most bands SHAM 69 has had its fair share of ups and downs. Formed in 1975 by local lads Jimmy Pursey and Neil Harris, along with John Goode, Albie Slider and Andy Nightingale aka Billy Bostik. Doing shows and gaining rave reviews. The band had already established itself playing songs like BORSTAL BREAKOUT and HEY LITTLE RICH BOY up to it’s first line up change in late 77, when Dave Parsons and Dave Treganna joined the band.

Fast forward to 2000 – 2006 that period poved to be it’s worst phase, where ‘no shows’ and the lack of band activities sounded the death knell. At that time the band entered a period of questioning its role in the scene, with momentary reflections on the current events at the time. The band had a brief return to success with he reworking of HURRY UP HARRY into HURRY UP ENGLAND for the World Cup and the song entered the charts. The band had, in essence, exposed its weakness’s and the topic of internal affairs and band management raised its head.

2006 saw the dramatic decision to sack frontman & the face of Sham 69 – Jimmy Pursey following an altercation, this led to the discovery of a far greater mishandling of the band’s business both internally and externally. Both Dave Parsons and Ian Whitewood decided to carry on and find a new vocalist. enter Tim V. who had come on-board with a long history of Punk, having toured many times with his own projects, he was taking on a huge task. However, with the support of many friends such as ‘Sniffing Glue’ Mark Perry and others within the scene he overcome this. With his tenacity as a Londoner with street attitude, this fitted in well with the Sham 69 ethos.

The band then acquired the Bass skills of Al Campbell in 2009, who himself had played with UK SUBS for 13 years, as well as playing with Marky Ramone and the legendary Jayne County and The Electric Chairs. This was the bands most successful period with demand at its highest in the last 20 years, the band toured the world and played countries that it had never done previously. The line up had worked wonders by rebuilding a band from scratch and more importantly rebuilding an ethic that was in effect non existent. The band went on to perform to over 440,000 people at Poland’s biggest festival Woodstock and followed that up by being the first major Punk band to tour China. This adventure was filmed for posterity.

The time has come for this iconic and original punk band to play on the Skamouth stage with their hits like Hurry up Harry & if the kids are united