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Sounds of Weller poster Skamouth November 2017



Sean Dillon

“Down in the tube station at Midnight” growled the mod-father out of my little cheap radio …. from that moment I was hooked, a proud Jam fan who carried The Jam patches well on his green army parka, and to this day, I have not changed, aged yes, bones getting stiffer of course, but my love for The Jam, and Paul Weller has got stronger, and as a singer, performing his songs with such meaningful lyrics has made me realise how far ahead of his time he is as song writer

From that passion THE SOUNDS OF WELLER” was born as a four piece in 2009 offering a fantastic professional authentic sound. The band is fronted by the charismatic Sean Dillon on vocals, Paul Mearing on lead guitar and backing vocals, the rhythm section is driven by Andy Jones on bass and Steve Mearing on drums.

‘THE SOUNDS OF WELLER” follows the path of Paul Weller’s career from The Jam to present day, entertaining all who see them in true mod-father style.