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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sultan has honed his craft performing in Los Angeles since the late eighties. His father is the legendary ska originator, who changed the face of Jamaican music forever and inspired generations of ska revivalists as well as producing greats like Toots and the Maytals and paving the way for international reggae. Sultan appeared onstage with his Father, before his passing, at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. With this two-song teaser you’ll hear the music that’s been welling up inside of Sultan since childhood burst forth with a full-tilt pedal-to-the-metal intensity, all pistons firing. In his voice you will hear passion, urgency, commitment, heart and hope: the voice of a new generation drawing from the roots to create a new sound. Few Jamaicans or Americans would dare to cover Marvin Gaye, whose “Pride and Joy” Sultan delivers in an upbeat, driving style. “Beautiful Angel” is an original whose melodic and infectious chorus will stay with you long enough to make you want to hear it again and again. The music melds ska, rock steady reggae with contemporary dancehall and rhythm and blues. These cuts preview a forthcoming full-length release which should now be eagerly awaited by a growing number of fans.

In the influence of his father, Sultan performs many of the legendary songs written by his father, a rare chance to hear such great tunes performed live. For all enquiries and European bookings , please contact [email protected]