The Misunderstood


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The Mosunderstood

The Misunderstood perform a mix of Northern Soul and hard edged Rhythm n blues.

If you prefer your music automated and ephemeral, you can pick any of the current chart fly-by-nights. If on the other hand, you admire passionate but down-to-earth artistry then The Misunderstood have a few things to say to you.

The Misunderstood are led on vocals by Sophie Garner, who also has the distinction of being the first artist to perform at London’s O2 Arena.
She started singing professionally at the age of 20 and has been a singer and songwriter for the whole of her career.
Sophie has released 4 studio albums to date, and has a long and well established history performing at the forefront of the roots music scene across the UK and Europe. Sophie is currently working on a new album with The Misunderstood.