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Time Tunnel
We are very excited that Time Tunnel will be joining us at Skamouth for November to deliver the very best in Mod, Ska, Soul, R&B and 60s beat. Time Tunnel is presented by Boy About Town, Liam_Ska, Sean Bright and Nanker Phelge and all four of them will be relocating their premier South London Club Night to Skamouth to share the greatest dance tunes ever recorded. Ska classics and soul masterpieces will spin alongside the finest beat group floor fillers and vintage R&B treasures in a twisted wheel of spiralling dance excitement.

Time Tunnel are guaranteed to keep you moving and smiling at Skamouth, so don’t miss out! Make sure you reserve your spot on the dance floor by booking your ticket whilst there are still tickets available. You can do this for a small holding deposit of £30.00 go to http://www.vauxhall-holiday-park.co.uk/skamouth-prices.html to book your place or call Vauxhall’s direct on +44 (0)1493 857321.