Saturday 22nd November 2014


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Reedcutters – Skarettes Breakfast


Note: all timings are approximate

09:45   with  Stranger & Patsy– Q & A’s plus personal fav tunes




Note: all timings are approximate

13:00 D.J. Set  Easy Skanking Crew – The Scottish skankers

14:00 Live Set  The Herberts – Ska Punk Rockers

15:00 D.J. Set  Mark Bale – More sweet Soul music

16:00 Live Set  The Clashed – tribute the music of this iconic band

17:00 D.J. Set  Ska N Mash – More mashed sounds

17:30 Live Set  Sax on Fire – Brass infused Skankers from Harlow

18:30 D.J. Set  Ska N Mash – More mashed sounds

19:00 D.J. Set  Steve Greensides – Mixed mod classic set

20:00 D.J. Set  King Reb Ska – Ska/Reggae set

21:00 D.J. Set  Olas Boss – The very best in Jamaican ska and reggae

22:00 D.J. Set  Madam Scorcher – The original Rude Girl

23:00 D.J. Set  Ska n Mash– Back to spin tunes for you

00:00 D.J. Set  Easy Skanking Crew – Spinning skanking tunes

01:00 D.J. Set  Double Barrel Powell– Skinhead Reggae for you


Regency Room


Note: all timings are approximate

10:30 D.J. Set  Mark Bale – Top tunes for the early birds

11:30 D.J. Set  Easy Skanking Crew – Music for the scooter show

12:30 D.J. Set  Ebony Skin Girl – Our Local Skin Girl back on the decks

13:30 D.J. Set  Junior Rocker – Playing the sounds for the judges

14:30 D.J. Set  Madam Scorcher – Ultra talented Scorcher returns

15:30 D.J. Set  Ska n Mash – tunes from the EN5 DJ

16:30 D.J. Set  Easy Skanking Crew – Scotland’s wild boys return

17:00 Presentation  celebrity guest – presents awards to winners

17:30 D.J. Set  Olas Boss – Back to spin more sounds

18:30 Live Set  Big 10 – The big Ska sound

19:30 D.J. Set  Time Tunnel – The Time Tunnel Special

20:00 Live Set  The Estimators – London’s original Ska Band

21:00 D.J. Set  Time Tunnel – More from the Time Tunnel Special

21:30 Live Set  Small Fakers – Mod Band extraordinaire

22:30 D.J. Set  Time Tunnel – Skamouth Favourites on the decks

23:00 Live Set  Neville Staple Band – Skamouth’s Rude Boy

00:00 D.J. Set  Time Tunnel – Continues to rock you with style

00:30 D.J. Set  Jerry Dammers – The General spins his vinyl

02:30 D.J. Set  Time Tunnel – Room closing set

Reedcutters Patio Area


Note: all timings are approximate

11:00 Scooter Show  Custom Scooters Scooter clubs show their rides

13:00 Scooter show  Celebrity judging winners of the show decided


Vauxhall Holiday Park and Skabrettas Music Events reserves the right to vary or omit any items in this program without prior notice