Sunday 26th November 2017


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Reedcutters Restaurant


The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed


10:00 Skarettes Celebrity Breakfast   Bring your stuff for signing – Meet & greet with the legendary Trio The Heptones over breakfast for this exclusive morning treat!



The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed

11:00  D.J. Set   Easy Skanking Crew– Ease into the early Sunday vibes with the Masters of Dumfries DJ tunes & fun
13:00  Live Set   Skiprat– Lift up your Sunday afternoon with the super live set of Punk, Reggae & Ska songs from this fab North England band
14:00  D.J. Set   Darren Bennett – Roasting Sunday tunes from Mr Darren Bennett!
15:00  Live Set   AKA Skaface – Bring on this brilliant live band who know how to make you stomp through the afternoon!
16:00  D.J. Set   Darren Bennett – Darren keeps the vibes spinning and stomping on..!
16:30  Live Set   Barb’d Wire – Coventry’s finest turn up the heat with their brilliant reggae & ska originals & covers
17:30  D.J. Set   DJ Haggis – Tighten up your hips & bring on the dapper music style with David’s hot favourties!
19:30  D.J. Set  Nathan & Amanda – Wine & beer on, time to sing-along with Nathan & Amanda’s playful hits through the decades!
22:30  D.J. Set   Tracey Moss – She’s in it to win it, with a sure fire set of Northern Soul smashers, for dance floor bashers!




11:30  D.J.Set   Version Girl – Hannah shows you how to stay on point with music to set the mood!
13:30  D.J. Set   Madam Scorcher – Heating up your Sunday afternoon with Kathleen’s super mix!
15:30  D.J. Set   Steve Greensides – Visit the 1960’s & beyond with Steve’s super music of style & culture!
18:00  Live Set   Who’s Next – You are!! Next to enjoy the super sounds of this Who inspired covers band!
19:00  D.J. Set   Darren Bennett – The brilliant Darren takes the evening over with tunes that make you just want more!
19:30  Live Set   The Pressure Tenants – The super soldiers of music. Originating as the late Laurel Aitken’s backing band, these guys know how to give a star performance live set!
20:30  D.J. Set   Darren Bennett – Sing-along with Darren’s party favourites to keep the beer & the party flowing!
21:00  Live Set   Soft Tone Needles – This top playful and soulful band are back with their awesome live set of dancefloor magic numbers!
22:00  D.J. Set   Darren Bennett – Darren gets us ready to welcome our super Sunday headliner, with inspired 2Tone & other favourites!
22:30  Live Set   Sultan Ali – Son of Prince Buster – Ska Royalty, son of the late legend Prince Buster, has his first ever UK performance right here with us. An exclusive moment to pay tribute the his father with a show to boom through the night! Don’t miss this!
23:30  D.J. Set   Olas Boss – The night’s still young Boss keeps you dipping and stomping through til early Monday morning & the 2AM last Skankers standing photo!
02:00  Room Closes   – For the last time for this edition of Skamouth
Vauxhall Holiday Park and Skabrettas Music Events reserves the right to vary or omit any items in this programme without prior notice


The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed

The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed