Thursday 24th November 2016


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[detail name=”Date”]24/11/2016[/detail]
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The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed

12:00  D.J. Set   Olas Boss -Welcomes you to Skamouth

14:00  D.J.Set   Mark Bale – Kicks in with Soul

16:00  Live Set   King Mojo – Our First live Soul infused set

17:00  D.J. Set  King Reb Ska – From EN5 Radio

17:30  Live Set  Style Selectors – Continues the Mod Theme

18:30  D.J. Set   King Reb Ska – Ska music from the EN5 Selecter

19:00  D.J. Set   Double Barrell Powell – Joins the Skamouth D.J. family

20:00  D.J. Set   King Reb Ska – EN5 Radio Selecta

21:00  D.J. Set   Madam Scorcher – playing the best in danceable vinyl

22:00  D.J. Set   King Reb Ska – Barnet’s finest selecta

23:00  D.J. Set   Steve Greensides – Takes you to Saturday Morning

00:30  D.J. Set   Mark Bale – Soul til you drop

01:30  D.J. Set   V-Lounge Closes – Unless numbers dictate :-)





The timings & Running order will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed


16:30  D.J.Set   Steve Greensides – Soul Man

18:30  Live Set   Mainly Madness – Ska to make you skank

19:30  D.J. Set  Ebony Skin Girl – Skinhead Reggae

20:30  Live Set  The Dualers – Ska music from Tyber

21:30  D.J. Set  Olas Boss – Kent’s best reggae

22:30  Live Set  Stranger & Patsy – No explanation needed

23:30  D.J. Set  Olas Boss – The reggae Legend

00:30  D.J. Set   Trevor Evans – The Master

01:30  D.J. Set   Olas Boss – The Dub Master

03:00  D.J. Set   Regency Room Closes – Unless numbers dictate :-)



Vauxhall Holiday Park and Skabrettas Music Events reserves the right to vary or omit any items in this programme without prior notice